Work From Home Envelopes Stuffing Scam – Don’t Get Sucked In! Here is How to Make Real Money Online

Making money from an at home job stuffing envelope after envelope is one of if not the biggest internet work at home scams there is. Many companies will have you believe you can stuff envelopes for money but that is simply not the case. I will tell you how they work and a much better way to .

Work From Home Envelopes Stuffing Scam

Here is how they work. What they want you to think is that you pay your money for their program which turns out to be a list of companies that need you to stuff envelopes with their materials, invoices, promotions or whatever else. What it ends up being is them telling you how to place more ads telling someone else to send you money to send them to same information that you were sent. Essentially a pyramid scheme. You will technically stuff envelopes for money, but what you are stuffing them with is the same thing you were sent to get them to do the same thing. The pyramid grows and grows.

A True Way To Stuff Envelopes For Money?

There is a true way to have an at home job stuffing envelope after envelope. It is what’s called a direct mail service. What you do is get contracted by a business to periodically send out mail to their clients with a mailing list the business gives you. But it is hardly worth the money and is much, much more work since you must be a business yourself. So with it comes all the accounting and paperwork and licenses etc.

A Better Way To Make Money

There is a much better method of making money than doing work from home envelopes stuffing, besides, nothing is more tedious and boring than doing an at home job stuffing envelope. Internet marketing is an enormous industry and you can do it with one hundred percent methods should you choose. No scamming, no pyramids. Just marketing other peoples products, generally digital products such as e-books and software. You don’t need a business license. You can work as little or as much as you want. You run the show. It has very high potential with thousands making a living off of it. The only things I would recommend you spend any money on to be effective at it is (a) a domain name (b) a web host for your website and (c) a quality, proven strategy to start making money. Where you do the first two is completely up to you. For the third I can definitely point you in the right direction.

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