Why Internet Marketers Should Learn Programming and How to Begin

So you want to earn a living online? That means becoming an internet marketer of course. Even if you don’t call yourself an internet marketer, any work or product you sell online will require marketing.
And in that case, you are an internet marketer.

And if you are an internet marketer, then I recommend that you also learn to program.


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Why, Because the web is built on programming and if you can do this, then you will never be out of work. Businesses need developers to create their apps, their websites and more.
If you can create apps, then you have an entirely new way to sell your own products. If you understand how to use PHP or Python, then you can build plugins and features for your own website.

There is tons of writing to be done on the subject of programming. And if you write a book on how to build apps, or a Udemy course, then you can bet it will sell like wildfire.
If nothing else, it pays to understand the logic of computers and the web especially seeing as that is now your industry.

So how do you get started,
Understanding the Basics of Code
You might have considered learning to code before, but perhaps you were put off by the prospect of learning what sounds like an incredibly complex subject. Maybe you even thought it was beyond you.

Well, Im not going to lie and tell you that learning to program is easy. But perhaps it is easier than you at first thought.
Essentially, learning to program only requires you to understand two key concepts that are true across all languages and styles.

The first is the conditional statement. This is the use of IF, AND and OR. These lines of code exist in some form in all kinds of programming (not counting HTML or CSS which are just formatting tools) and they basically allow you to check conditions. For instance:
IF user clicks this, THEN do that.
IF user clicks this AND is signed in, THEN do that.

The other concept is variables. A variable is basically a word or a letter that represents a number and which can be manipulated. For player health might be a variable that is equal to 10. This then goes down to 9 if someone gets hit.

These two concepts form the bedrock of all programming with most differences being syntax. Youll need to learn about the differences between object oriented programming and procedural, but these tend to be mostly about organization.

Choosing the Language

With that out of the way, all that’s left to do is to decide which programming language you want to learn. And a good place to start in this regard is by deciding what it is you want to do while also choosing something that’s easy to start with.

A good starting point for marketers might be to learn Python. This is an easy programming language that is in demand among employers and organizations and which will allow you to build web apps.


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