What The Heck is Pimpr?

I just went through the training, on the sales page it says: “[Newbie] Trevor: I Pimped This Nasty $5 Product into $8,694.99… And I’ll Show You How to do the Same.”

First of all, the core product is authored by Trevor Carr, but actually the huge part of this launch is Mark Bishop. I see that the pages including the JV page is professionally designed and written.


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But don’t think you’ll become rich overnight, the truth is that the amount of almost $9,000 was a hard work by Trevor and it was not that easy…

To sum up the training:

  1. find a good PLR product
  2. learn about it
  3. test it
  4. improve it
  5. rewrite it / add to it
  6. sell it

What I kind of miss here – and this would be a great part – is the right traffic to the offer. The advice that Trevor gives is quite general – open a Facebook profile – contact / add friends from internet marketing fields, join Facebook groups/pages and network with other marketers.

To earn such amount ($8,694.99) from a $5 dollar product would take lots of traffic from affiliates. So yes, a newbie can rebrand any PLR product – but that’s just one part of it…

Here’s the Pimpr case study.

If you’d like full video training, you may want to check this out instead (and not pay for the OTO’s to get the video version of Pimpr).


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