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Searching for your online business opportunity yields many results. Some are legitimate internet businesses that with hard work and investment, will yield positive results. Of course, there are online business scams that seek high profits off unsuspecting entrepreneurs trying to build a brand and an income online.

What You Didn’t Know About YourNetBiz

YourNetBiz is a premier online coaching and business opportunity, built as a community, devoted to building the success of its customers and associates. Previously known as MyInternetBusiness, YourNetBiz was launched in May 2009 by founders Rob Hannley and Dave Garven.

The YourNetBiz system requires an investment of time and effort; it is not a simple “get rich quick” scheme. While many of the strategies may eventually become automated, the opportunity is a legitimate business, requiring commitment and encouraged through partners and Internet mentors. The level of effort you put towards building your Internet business is represented by the income you can pull out of it. There are distinct advantages to collaborating through the opportunity as you grow your business online:

  • A large library of multimedia tutorials on business and marketing available to you 24 hours per day
  • Weekly training with industry experts
  • Thousands of products available for global marketing
  • A Personal Business Assistant with proven success contacting prospects and closing sales
  • Multiple Income Streams, including residual income
  • Business packages to suit every budget and business plan

The YourNetBiz Business Model

Packages for the online business opportunity range in level from Associate to Platinum partners. Platinum owners have VIP access to the entire proven system and all products at all levels. Unlocking the full arsenal of benefits of the YourNetBiz system qualifies you for the highest level of commissions at $2,000, and includes access to custom coaching and a media vault.

There’s an added benefit which makes the YourNetBiz business model so valuable, which many high-ticket products to not include. This benefit is the 2-tier payment system. Commissions of up to $2,000 are paid on tier 1, and commissions of up to $500 are paid on tier 2.

What this means is if Person 1 introduces Person 2 to YourNetBiz, Person 1 will earn up to $2000 in pure commission. If Person 2 introduces Person 3 to YourNetBiz, Person 2 will receive up to $2000 in commissions, and Person 1 will receive up to $500 for Person 3’s introduction through Person 2.

The reason the YourNetBiz business model is superior to other high ticket business models, is due to the passive income you can generate through the 2-tier payment system. This type of passive income can really begin to accumulate as your knowledge and success continue to grow in your online business.

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