VidZPresso Review – 3/10 Honest Review ⛔NOT NEEDED AVOID⛔

In this – 3/10 Honest Review, I will show you why you need to avoid buying this and why it is a typical shiny object product that will bring you no value.💡💡Click Here For Free Affiliate Marketing Training: 💡💡

No beginner marketer will get any value from using this product.

Check out my review so you can make an informed decision before making a purchase of .

I will NOT promo this product because it does not offer any value.


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  1. AWFUL SOFTWARE – They should tell you it's ok if you're a programmer to begin with. It's too hard to install requiring some clunky steps and they have some hokey video stock footage you can use. I'm pretty techy but after looking into the install process requiring you to get google approval for an api and the need to have a programming background – I requested a return within just a few days. They said it was nonrefundable. Add to that the language/emails are so cryptic (second language for the creator) it's really hard to understand. Yes, I am frustrated it's another $50 (I bought the upsell) gone to waste on software too clunky to use. I'll be sure to share this experience with many people.

  2. Thanks for saving me 20 bucks, what other tools would you propose to stream live prerecorded videos? I know about OBS and onestreamlive, but any ideas on what else would work?

  3. When checking out review videos for a new product I always scroll down until I find one (or more) giving fewer stars than 10/10. Most reviewers give 10/10 regardless of how shitty the product is. Funny thing is that when reviewers who are honest about shitty products give good ratings, I always go through the product very carefully, and sometimes end up buying through their links. Thanks – keep up the good work!

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