Vidnami is SHUTTING DOWN 😭😭 What This Means for You 😭😭

was shut down on August 20, 2021. Here our 11 BEST Alternatives for 2022:

Here is how this impacts you including the timeline you need need to know and alternative options.

This impacts you if you are:

– a video creator currently using to create videos
– are thinking of buying Vidnami (DON’T, here’s why…)
– or are a Vidnami affiliate (affiliate program going bye bye too!)

In the video, I mention some potential Vidnami alternatives. We are researching them in detail.

This one is pretty similar:

I hope this video helps you out



Resources mentioned in video

11 Best Vidnami Alternatives for 2022:

Timeline recap
July 1, 2021 – Announced GoDaddy acquisition and shutdown of Vidnami
July 5, 2021 – Affiliate links stop working
July 19, 2021 – Reoccurring subscriptions will be canceled
August 20, 2021 – Vidnami is completely shut down (retired, no longer accessible!)


Stay informed of everything you want and need to know about affiliate marketing (and Vidnami :)πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ πŸ‘‡

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  1. Their reasons are b…sh.t! They sold to the highest bidder, to one of the worst companies out there… Godaddy! and to hell with the members. Greed got the better of the Vidnami owners, they now have zero credibility! I will not be purchasing from these vendors again!

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