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Can you see the button in the right corner of the video? By clicking it, it will take you to the offer shown in the video! But that’s just one thing you can do. Many other options are available….

If you are ready to increase your sales and boost your productivity…read on!

We all know using video is possibly the fastest way to increase sales conversion.

The following video reveals a brand new system and strategy, that lets you put the entire sales process into a video. Meaning… The customer (your customer) can go through the entire sales process, without ever leaving the video. Also,

Also you will see some incredible automation that is built into this system, including product delivery! (This system works both for digital and tangible products)

The system is called Video Payflow. And includes:

  • Your customers completes checkout without leaving your video
  • Thank you video plays automatically after payment
  • Integrated product delivery
  • Automatic PayPal integration
  • Sales are stored into your database
  • Customers are saved into your back-office
  • Payflows can be placed anywhere on your site
  • Manage all your PayFlows from online location
  • And more…

You can see the product in action using this link!

The best way to show you exactly how this works and how you can use it to make selling so much easier, us watch the above video.

Below the video, you will see a special Early Bird offer for this new tool. The offer is there for anyone that wants to start using right away. As this is a brand new tool, there is a special incentive of about 90% off (limited time).

If you are using video with selling online, or video is something you want to implement, then you absolutely owe it to yourself to see this tool. It is going to be a massive time saver, while at the same time making it easier for your customer to buy.

Watch the video here!

Plus the author of this plugin, Matthew McDonald supports his plugins and you’ll receive updates whenever something changes!

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