Video Editing for Internet Marketers

There are a great many skills that can come in highly useful for any internet marketer. Among these, is the ability to make video. Videos have the distinct advantage of being highly persuasive and capable of winning over an audience and encouraging them to buy a product, subscribe to a mailing list or hire your services. Thats partly because they allow you to convey your emotion more and to back this up with gesticulations and with music.

At the same time though, video is also important because it is highly engaging and grabs attention right away. Video with high production values will make your business seem capable, reliable and professional and there are more advantages on top of all this.


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Creating great video comes down partly to your ability to film. But the real magic happens in editing. Read on to learn how you can create masterful videos that persuade, impress and enrapture.

The Art of Editing
The key to great editing is that if youre doing it right, no one should notice you.

That means that your key objective is to remain hidden and not call attention to yourself with jarring jump cuts.

A jump cut, by the way, is any edit between two shots of the same subject with the same angle. These cuts are awkward because if they cut out some time, then the subject will have moved and it will be apparent that something unnatural has happened. There are situations where jump cuts can help to increase the pace of a video, or where they can get a laugh, but they should be considered an exception and not the rule.

Telling a Story
So, how do you make sure your edits are invisible the rest of the time,

One strategy is to follow the old maxim that you should always cut on action. That means that you wait until someone moves in a precise way in your shot and then you cut on that precise moment. So that means someone might reach forward to grab their tea and you are going to cut as they begin leaning in and switch to a shot of them picking up the tea, now already in the right position. This works because your audience will be watching the action such that they wont really notice the cut itself.

Another strategy is to somehow link your cuts. This means that you look for something thematic that can tie your shots together with. For instance, you might have a karate master go to split a piece of wood in half with their hand and then cut to someone cutting carrots in the kitchen. This is a good way to maintain a narrative threat through your edits and thereby avoid jarring the viewer.

Also useful is the L-Cut. Here, the video will cut before or after the audio. For instance, someone might gaze into the distance, the sound of typing might be heard and then the next shot might be that person at their desk. L-Cuts smooth transitions and add more story.
And really that is your objective here: tell a story and your edits will always seem smooth and natural!


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