Understanding U Design Jewelry: Can You Really Make Money With U Design Jewelry?

U Design Jewelry was founded in 2003 by Jennifer and Bret Bonacorsi and started direct selling in 2004. They offer customers the ability to design their own jewelry and U Design Jewelry then makes it for them. Products included are necklaces, watches, bracelets, earrings, and many more. Additionally, they offer a business or income opportunity for those interested in making money from home marketing their company or products or the idea of their products. U Design Jewelry also has over 200 Design Representatives!

The Thing:

There really isn’t much to discuss here. Usually, I would go over the company’s basic product line and what the company offers as well as giving a brief explanation of a few of their products. However, U Design Jewelry doesn’t really have products. Their slogan is “You Design It, We Make It”. That’s it! I will do my best to provide as much information as possible, however. They only use quality beads and quality jewelry. They don’t offer costume jewelry! They only use Sterling Silver, Lamp Work, Rossi Crystals, Valley Silver, semi-precious stones and many more!

The Opportunity:

I wasn’t able to find their compensation plan. I can only assume that this company isn’t offering one because they feel as if they do not need to. Basically, you’ll need to purchase one of their starter kits (will explain more shortly) in which will give you resources, tools, and product to start designing. They also include pre-designed jewelry. After getting one of these kits, you will then be able to host parties and make your own money your own way. The company itself does not pay you! You buy products or products to design with, and then you sell it all.

After you sell it all you will make enough money to buy another kit. You buy another kit, sell the entire kit, and buy another kit. You continue that process until you either get bored or retire. In terms of Network Marketing, you certainly could market their products or your products online and generate sales much faster but there’s nothing different from doing that and hosting physical parties. There is no such thing as referral or recruiting compensation that I have seen.

To Conclude, Yes, You Can Make Money With U Design Jewelry!

The Cost:

For most people interested in getting involved in a company like this, the cost is the most important question that must be answered before any going forward in any way. It’s important to note that if you were to get involved with a company like U Design Jewelry, you are opening up your own business. All businesses require some type of start-up fee. A construction business, for example, could require $5,000-$10,000 to begin. The beautiful thing about Network Marketing is, yes you still have to have money to make money but it’s generally much lower than the cost of a traditional business.

If you would like to make an income stream and take advantage of the “opportunity” U Design Jewelry has to offer, you must purchase one of two kits.

  1. Starter Kit Uno – $1,500.
  2. Starter Kit Dos – $2,500.

Both kits come with a wide variety of beads, tools and supplies, sales tickets, personal business cards, and catalogs. The only difference between the two starter kits is that the second one comes with more items than the first. Additionally, you are able to undergo a 3-4 hour training session to help you kick-start your business immediately. Also, an already successful Design Representative will help you with your first party, making sales, and designing. Quarterly and Monthly meetings are also available for extra learning experiences.

Final Thoughts:

I will do my absolute best to not be critical. However, U Design Jewelry is not Network Marketing. It’s not even affiliated with marketing. Let’s be honest. Representatives in this company are simply sales reps. U Design Jewelry is under the Multi-Level Marketing category but I have trouble seeing how. They do not conduct Multi-Level Marketing. I will take it one topic at a time.

The products are neat and interesting. You are able to design your own jewelry and the company will make it for you. If you have a passion in fashion design when it comes to jewelry, that should make you very excited.

The opportunity isn’t an opportunity at all. When I use the term “Opportunity” I am basing it around a compensation plan; an opportunity to make a substantial amount of income all from home. Although, you can with this company, you cannot make money Network Marketing. This company’s opportunity is more like starting your own traditional business, but you are able to do the work all from home. An opportunity, in my sense, is a chance to work from home and make a substantial amount of residual income being your own boss, setting your own hours, and most importantly choosing exactly how much money you want to make and then simply making it! U Design Jewelry offers something more similar to a day job, but from home.

The cost is both inexpensive and expensive. It’s certainly inexpensive in comparison to other traditional businesses. It’s expensive considering you are becoming a sales representative, from home.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who would like to throwing parties and convincing people to buy jewelry. However, for Network Marketers, I would not recommend this company. Remember clearly, I am NOT trying to discourage you from the company or give the company a bad name. I’m into making money, fast! I’m not into throwing parties and hoping my friends and family will buy my jewelry.

*Dustin Hale is NOT affiliated with U Design Jewelry or their business/income opportunity

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