The TriVita Compensation Plan – How To Make Money With TriVita

The TriVita Compensation Plan Explained

TriVita is a health and wellness company in the direct-selling industry. The products are bought and sold through a network of Distributors, who build their own business with the company.

The products it sells include nutrition products that help supply the body with its essential ‘building blocks’, targeted nutritional products for things like stamina, energy, pain relief, sleep enhancement, and hormone boosting, as well as a range of weight-loss supplements.

The Good News…

As well as retail sales profits, every time you refer a new customer who purchases products you will earn a bonus up-front, and then every order they make after that you earn a small commission, for as long as they remain in the company.

You can also earn bonuses based on the sales of people who have been referred by your downline.

The key to rocking the compensation plan is therefore adding talented reps into your business on a regular basis. This means not just selling to your friends and family, but casting your net much wider.

TriVita is quite unique in that it recognizes the need for network marketers to move away from their “warm market” i.e. their family and friends, and look further afield for business. Most MLM companies do not admit this, but TriVita does, and for this it deserves credit.

The Bad News…

The company runs advertising campaigns which generates leads, and they then put all these targeted leads into a big bonus pool, and sell them to TriVita Distributors. Sounds like a good system, right? Well, it is, but it also isn’t.

You see, the idea that TriVita have developed is a good one, but what they don’t tell you is that you can easily run similar advertising campaigns yourself, from the comfort of your own home, using the internet and a telephone. You can generate hundreds of highly targeted leads every single week, and convert these into 2-3 people in your business every single day. So why pay TriVita more money than you have to, when you could be doing it yourself for ?

What’s more, if you generate the leads yourself you can be much more fussy about which ones you follow up and which ones you avoid. If you pay for leads there is no guarantee about how good they are going to be, and whether they will fit into your business. If you run the campaigns yourself, you can specifically target people who you know will suit your business model and work well with you.

The Truth…

So the key to TriVita success is taking the model that they are using, but learning the key to doing it yourself. It is simple, cheap, and very efficient, and will make you stand out from all other TriVia Distributors.

So if you want to make the most of the compensation plan and explode your TriVita business, the key is to learn internet marketing skills.

If you would like to find out how simple internet marketing campaigns can lead to huge success in your business, see the TriVita Lead Generator.

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