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51 Tutorials
The Simple is a beginner-friendly
SEO program designed to show online marketers
how to leverage simple and effective strategies to deliver consistent targeted traffic from Google.

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Learn how to build organic backlinks in a safe way. Building backlinks is a slow and steady process but the more you learn and implement the easier it becomes.

The completely beginner-friendly way to start getting traffic from Google. Designed for individuals and entrepreneurs.

➡️ Designed specifically for solopreneurs who do not have the time to spend 2 years learning SEO.
➡️ Designed specifically for individuals to get free targeted traffic by doing less work, not more.
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Module 1 – Introduction

Welcome to The
The Simple SEO Blueprint Strategy
Understanding the Long-Term Game
Mindset & Attitude Towards Your Website
Black Hat SEO – Red Alert
Relationship Between SEO Blueprint & Taking Action Online

Module 2 – Getting Started

Search Engine Optimisation 101
Relevance & Optimisation
Understanding the User Intent
Ranking Factors You Can/Cannot Control
Examples of Good/Bad Content
Tools You Will Need

Module 3 – Setting Up Your Website

Using An Existing Blog
Aim Small, Miss Small
Understanding the Pillars of Your Site
Live Examples of Pillar Pages & Well Structured Sites
Building Your Website
Researching Your Homepage & Pillar Pages
Creating Your Homepage
Creating Your Pillar Pages & Blog Structure
Setting Up The Pillar/Silo Page

Module 4 – Keyword Research

Introducing Jaxxy
Understanding Intent Behind Keywords
Low Hanging Fruit/Long Tail Keywords
Research: Broad Search Terms
Research: Long Tail Keywords
Research: Buyer Keywords
Research: Understanding Competition
Starting From The Bottom
Do Not Overthink The Process

Module 5 – Creating Content

Content Creation Checklist
Researching Content
Creating Natural Content
Rich Content Structure
How To Write Content
Writing Tip – FAST Writing

Module 6 – Search Engine Optimization

SEO Ranking Checklist
Google Understands Context
Injecting Keyword Rich Content
Internal Linking
External Links & Referencing
Headlines & H Tags
Image Optimisation
Bullet Points & Menus
Meta Description – Search Engine Results Pages
Mobile Responsiveness
Backlink Building – Basics
Backlink Building – Starts with Your Content

Module 7 – Putting It All Together

Failing Forward & Learning By Doing
Committing and Understanding Business
Go Back, Rewatch, Rinse and Repeat and Implement

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