The Great Niche Marketing Kit 2019 Trickery

I have to laugh.. really. From all the emails from marketers NO ONE mentioned that most of the stuff is a “bit” old… I’m not telling there are stuff you can’t use… but why not to be honest?

First check out the latest and greatest package from Mr. Thornhill and Mr. Nicholson here: The Niche Marketing Kit 2019.


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I, myself, bought the package! But it was the 2016 version, you can check out how the sales page looked back then – and what products were included: The Niche Marketing Kit 2016.

Now most of the marketers did not make their job properly (once again!)… having not checked out the package themselves, misleading their subscribers and customers… and in the end sold more than 500 copies so far!

Here’s some of them reaching my inbox:

There is some good stuff in the package of course, but most of the products are not fresh, not at all!

The good thing is that the price is below $20 which is a good investment IF you never bought this package before.

To our straight, honest and clear email marketing in 2019! 🙂

(extra bonus link, the sales page for package from 2014 is here!)


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Lisa - December 29, 2018

I am glad I am not the only one who realized this!

    Marian - December 29, 2018

    yes, all they care is their commissions no matter what!


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