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The Advanced Traffic Blueprint over 60 high-quality tutorials, a truly honest and super active community of like-minded marketers, you will finally see more progress in 30 days than you have done in the last 365.
Everything You need to know to start a real, honest evergreen business online is inside
By leveraging YouTube and The Advanced Traffic Blueprint, you can tap into an avalanche of free traffic filled with buyers primed to spend money.

The Advanced Traffic Blueprint Contents

Module 1: The Foundations

The foundations of your mindset and your outlook on your online journey are the most crucial part of your training. If your mindset is wrong, you will fail, that simple. These 4 detailed modules will help you uncover exactly why you have failed so far.

The Magic Power
Mindset & Attitude
Thinking Long Term
Attitude Towards Your Own Business

Module 2: The Strategy

Overview Philip’s Personal Blueprint
Why This Strategy Works: The Funnel
How To Find Products To Review
Making Yourself Bullet Proof!

Module 3: Building Foundations

Building Your Website
Setting Up YouTube
Creating Squeeze Page
Connecting Your Autoresponder
Finishing Touches

Module 4: Creating Reviews & Traffic

Ethos Of Your Reviews
How To Develop Your Experience
How To Research A Product – The Vendor
How To Research A Product – The Product
How To Record A Review – Prep
How To Record A Review – Recording
Uploading & Ranking In YouTube

Module 5: Building A List & A Following

Overview of Your Squeeze Page
Relationship Building: YouTube
Relationship Building: Email List
Why People FAIL With List Building
Creating Squeeze Page
Choosing A Core Product To Promote
Setting Up Squeeze Page
How To Get Approved By Vendors
Avoiding The Spam Filters

Module 6: Email Marketing & Making Money

A Clear Overview
Your Review Page
Your Email Swipes
Your Email Automation
Broadcasting – After The Welcome Emails

Module 7: Running An Affiliate Promotion

Overview: Let’s Look At The Funnel
Who Do You Email?
Creating The Videos
Writing The Emails
Creating The Pages
How To Start The Promotion
Setting Up Automation
Overview: Putting It All Together
A LIVE Example

Module 8: Future Growth & Domination

The Secret To Online Success
Super High Conversion Rates
Beating The Daily Grind
Increasing Your Influence

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  1. Hi Richard..Regarding Launch Jacking..Does this course cover being approved the the vendors i.e. pre-launch.. Because they deny pre-launch approval quite offen. Thanks in advance

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