Social Media Trends to Skyrocket Your Business in 2017

You’re on social media, right? Of course you are. Everyone is, and with good reason. Imagine, for a second however, that you would have been among the first people to start creating great content for a certain platform: What if you’d taken it upon yourself to create some of the best early art of Instagram? What if you’d been one of the first to curate memes and funny images into a 1,000,000-strong Facebook page community?

There would be some serious leverage there, right? Of course there would be. So maybe the ship has sailed, so to speak, on things like Instagram and Facebook pages – but where else might you be able to shine in 2017? While the individual apps that make it big (and those who don’t) are hard to precisely predict, some of the technologies we might see gaining popularity can be determined with slightly more accuracy. Let’s take a look at some of the social trends that are likely to continue to grow in 2017, and that you can take advantage of as an early mover.


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Live Video – In 2016, live video saw an interesting evolution. Near the beginning of the year, the world was abuzz with talk of Meerkat and Periscope, two competitors in the space, going at it for marketshare. Then, around the middle of the year, it seemed that Periscope had won out. A few months later, most people didn’t seem to care that much about either of them.

Fast forward even a bit more, and it seemed that anyone who was still interested in Live Streaming to their audience was probably just using Facebook Live – Facebook’s version previously reserved for celebrities -and that was that. Make no mistake, however, the format has been fully taken advantage of, and people are going to find very clever ways of making streaming an exciting and engaging community touchpoint in the coming year.

VR – Virtual reality may not be everywhere yet, but we all know it’s coming. In fact, it’s only a matter of time before a massive multiplayer online game and/or social media VR platform break out in a big way. We might be a few years off, but people who figure out how to captivate an audience within those things when they come are going to be set up very, very well.

Voice Messages – While companies like Anchor (which has often been referred to as “voice twitter”) have had some trouble finding their footing and cementing a longterm userbase, eyes – or rather ears – have been opened to the world of voice and how having this inflection, even in our short and off the cuff narrations of everyday life – can add something special to our social interactions. If you’re involved in a market where music, poetry, or spoken lessons make sense as content, these platforms could be exactly what you need.

But surely there are more platforms and technologies coming here that we can’t even foresee yet – what do you think they’ll be?


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