ShopZPresso Review – 5/10 Rare Honest Review ⛔Has Some Big Issues⛔

In this Review, I will show you inside the member’s area and tell you why this product IS NOT FOR EVERYONE.💡💡Click Here For Free Affiliate Marketing Training: 💡💡

Check out my review so you can make an informed decision before making a purchase of .

I will NOT promo this product but please let me know how you find it if you decide to purchase.


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  1. Great video of shopz. I don't try to compare it to shopify, because of the monthly cost to host with shopify starting at $30 per month and that is just the basic cost, it gets super pricey. While Shopz is just a one time cost of less than 20 bucks. But you did answer my question about, what if this is a fly by night company, and because I can 't use it on my own server, what happens if I add all these digital products that I spent hours on listing on my shopz website, and then their company shuts it off, and then all my work and all my products are gone, no where to be found, not saved. That is what scares me most.

  2. Thanks once again for such a poignant review. The major snag to this whole program is the fact that, you the customer have absolutely no control over your destiny. You could work at developing your site and even begin gaining sales only to have the developers fade it out. One day you show up and try to gain access to your site only to discover it has all disappeared. I speak from experience my friends and that was with several thousand dollar investments. So I can't imagine how long these guys would keep running a program where they only made $19 bucks to begin with. Buyer Beware!!

  3. Thanks for an honest review. This product is supposed to be designed for "newbies" but in fact it is somewhat complicated in spots. I absolutely DO NOT recommend this product to anyone, simply because you have zero control over your business. The easiest way to start a business online is to head over to Ebay and open a store with them. Yes you have to add your own products but they can be dropship type items that you purchase after it has been sold. Furthermore, there is instant traffic for your store. Ebay wants you to succeed so they actually make sure that a ton of people see your items. With Shopzpesso there is zero traffic and must learn to be an expert traffic generator. If indeed you are a newbie and need some ideas jus head over to (for all ages actually). Good luck and stay safe!

  4. Hello, and thanks for the review, he is re-lauching at 19 again. Any advice on where I should host my digital products? I have tried woocommerce and it's just too hard. I tried sendowl but it's a monthly fee as well.

  5. Excellent review.. Not like the other Guru's in product review that have very superficial review. This is what I call a good review. with the pros and cons of the software. You gave an honest review not like other reviewers who just tell you that the software is excellent just to get the commission.

  6. Thank you for your review of this software. I listened to a few affiliates promoting Shopzpresso. They all reminded me of 1840's salesmen pushing their cure all bottles of snake oil. A little bit of research and they would find other open source software available with which to build an online store. Woocommerce in WordPress is my favorite. The things that are lacking are readily available in Woocommerce. Go to softaculous for more programs that you can use to build your online business

  7. so to start, you would actually have to buy inventory to sell physical products?? that could cost you a lot especially when you are first starting.??? THANK-YOU FOR YOUR HONESTY. i am interested in drop-shipping, do you have knowledge about this, and witch one would be good to start with >???? thank-you Richard.

  8. Don't buy Any products like Shopzpresso OR Vidzpresso or any of this seller Mosh Bari, he didn't give support or Refund anyone, Don't waste your hard-earned money, I already lose money. It's scam fraud and cheater.

  9. Forget about this product! It's bullshit! The script is so lame, you can't delete categories, you cannot delete products in one swoop, only deactivate one by one, so many ugly issues my goodness. Doesn't work as advertised. The FB Group has tons of refund request and Mbari is banning left and right. They will push you to upgrade to DFY just to use your own domain. Stay away from products made by his team, and those who promote it. It's not even his own product, its geniuscart from codecanyon.

  10. Hey Richard, thanks for the review. As always with a lot of these kind of products, the sales page is very slick and inviting, the promoters did a great job there to be fair.
    We have actually purchased 5 of the products that were offered, they make it sound very easy to use etc…but after playing around with the system for awhile it is actually quite complicated, there's too many places where you have to login to different parts of the system (apart from the shop backend). There is no real tutorial that provide advanced explaining. In the past we have worked with Woocommerce, which is in my opinion much more user friendly and advanced. anyway…long story short, we have requested for a refund, fully aware of their refund policy, explained several times why we want the refund but you guessed it…not received yet.

  11. In the salesletter, they mention that the first step is "to upload shopzpresso to your site". What does it actually mean? Does it mean upload to our own server?

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