Send Unlimited Emails to Unlimited Subscribers – No SMTP Required!

Normally I would not recommend using any other autoresponder service other than Aweber It’s just too powerful not to use it, but it’s always good to have a backup plan if something goes wrong! It happens to Aweber or any other autoresponder service that it’s unavailable due to unpredictable server issues, ddos attacks, or anything…

It’s good to have a different autoresponder solution – but all I have tried so far needed my own SFTP or third party SMTP server to send emails. Also, there are some restrictions i.e. how many emails you can send per hour, how many subscribers you can have, etc.


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The good news is that Xmails solves this for you! You don’t need to install anything, you don’t need to have your own SMTP server, because ALL is included! I myself got the PRO version of Xmails – and I’m going to test and use it as soon as possible!

If you’d like to know more details on Xmails – get it here!

(Did I mention it’s a ONE-TIME fee only?!)


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