Recession Rescue System Review – Is This Internet Marketing Strategy System a Scam?

I recently bought a copy of the Recession Rescue System by Shawn Casey, Tellman Knutson and Harris Fellman after I was convinced by what Shawn had to say about this system. After reading and using some of the strategies inside, I would say that this is really a long-term strategy system that aims to setup a passive income stream.

1. Do You Need To Invest Additional Money to Start Profiting From The Recession Rescue System?

There is no need to spend more money on advertising with this system if you do not want to. The strategies inside the system are mostly to implement, which is not usually the case for many other internet marketing systems.

2. What Is Included In The Recession Rescue System?

The first thing that you should read when you receive the package is the 7 day quick start guide. This written guide includes a 7 day action plan that is I have personally used to make money as I have followed it systematically and diligently.

Once you are done reading the action plan, remember to check out the audio and videos that teach you how to put the plan in place. I find that the audios done by Shawn, Tellman and Harris to be extremely motivating. The video set consists of 6 series that clearly show users how the Recession Rescue System is to be setup.

3. How Does The Recession Rescue System Work Generally?

You will learn how to build a network of customers who will spend money no matter how bad the economy is doing. This is the reason why the name of the system is as such. Once you put out the system onto the web, your network of customers will keep growing to the point where you would achieve a large passive income stream.

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