PrimeMail Scam Alert

If you’re looking for a good autoresponder – please stay way from ! Although it’s just one-time fee – it’s not worth it.. why? Read below.

First of all, this “autoresponder” sold over 1,000+ copies! Here’s the stats:


Refund rate is still only 3% – and I know why! I asked for refund – but haven’t received it yet. So it will take some time to get one – if you’re lucky….

I tested myself not like many other so called “marketers” out there… See who’s been telling you about this product:

bs promoters marketers

You better don’t believe a single word from the list you see on the right side above!

I sent 9 “test” campaigns from my account – and all looked like sent except the latest 2, but actually NO ONE email was delivered to the mailboxes!


I checked the emails I imported into the system – 2 of my own Gmail accounts – and the emails were NOT delivered, I checked all the folders/spam etc… they were NOWHERE!

So this PrimeMail is a total scam! Not working at all! Please stay away from it – and if you already bought it – ask for a refund ASAP!

If you’re lucky you’ll get your refund. If not, just do NOT buy anything from the vendors and pay attention to the “marketers” who promote such crap products!

I have MUCH BETTER autoresponder recommendation and it’s for !!

Check it out here and sign up for their version that includes 500 scubscribers and 3,000 emails per month! The autoresponder that REALLY works! And sends the emails! Click here!


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