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Check out my so you can make an informed decision before purchasing Pockitz.

I will not promote this it has no value for Beginners.


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  1. WARNING: This product is a SCAM!! I fell victim and regret it to this day. DON'T FALL VICTIM TO THIS SCAM. . Once they get hold of your money, you can't get any technical support from them, no matter how much you try. Plus the stats in the member's area does not work. Take my advice, RUN from them while you can, before you fall victim.

  2. Pls ppl.. No such thing as work from home with a laptop or smartphone tht turn u wealthy. Just imagine it. If everyone in this world really made a living with "work at home" rubbish, how wud i get my groceries now? Who's gonna cook for me at my candle light dinner date night after i got my big money frm "working frm home" sh*t. So pls ppl. Save yourselves. Truth does hurts…..

    When life gives you lemon, DONT make lemonade, instead squeeze it on your eyes. Then now you know there are more f*cked up stuffs out there than wht you are already going through

  3. I've watched parts of a few of your videos now, this video and another, and I have a little suggestion.

    I suggest you add a notice to your titles that says you have a better option because I suspect that many people are seeing the 0/10 or 2/10 and simply skipping the video because they're probably thinking, "Well, this guy says it sucks…" and then they don't click to watch any of your videos that you spent some time on.

    It's good to have honest reviews and you should get credit for it.

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