Photography for Internet Marketers An Underrated Skill

If you want to become an internet marketer or run a successful business online, then you need to hone certain skills.

As you read this, you might imagine that you already know what skills those are. Perhaps Im talking about writing skills, maybe I mean SEO.


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Maybe Im talking about web design.
In fact though, there are many other useful skills that often fly under the radar that more serious, advanced marketers should look into. One such skill is photography.

Why Photography for Internet Marketers,

They say that a photo can tell a thousand words. So, if you know the importance of writing for your marketing campaigns, then that should give you some clue as to just how important photos are too!

Photography is critical for social media campaigns of course. Instagram in particular is entirely built around imagery, as is Pinterest. Those accounts will succeed or fail on the strength of the photos.

But photos almost always adorn content, so if youre writing a blog post then chances are that this will need pictures too. And the quality of those pictures will impact how people react to the content. This will define whether they instantly sit up and take notice because it looks interesting or relevant to them, or whether they just move on and feel disinterested.

Photos also convey emotion and tell a story very quickly. A story can make a product look wonderful, or perfectly underscore the point youre making in an article. They also heighten production values and they make whatever youre building seem more professional.

Can you buy stock images or outsource the photos, Of course. But firstly, thats expensive. Secondly, that often means settling for images that arent quite perfect for the point youre making. That results in content that looks generic, and thats actually pretty much the worst thing your content can end up being!

How to Take Better Photos
So how do you begin taking better photos,
The most important tip is this: go on a course! That will make a huge difference to the way you see your shots and take them.

But for now, invest in some good equipment. That might mean a mirrorless camera or a DSLR something with manual controls and changeable lenses. I use a Lumix G7 with a 1.7f 25mm lens and the photo have a crisp, movie-like quality to them.

You can then play with settings to get exposure just right, but remember that the light in the room/area will also have a big impact here. If you are taking a photo of someone and the light isnt right move!

Consider the composition of the shot. Whats in the foreground, the background, the middle ground. What angle do you want to get the subject from,

And what other elements can you include in the shot that will help to emphasize the point your making,
And this really is one of THE most important considerations: what story is it that you want to tell,


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