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The network marketing system that is right will give much benefit to the member to run the business. It’s all about numbers game. We all know that not all of the offline network marketing member succeed. Why? You need to do it manually, with several skills you need to master, you also need to trade your time to your effort (presentation, follow up, group meetings, etc). Both of them has potential and potential to leverage speed of your income to grow and your time.

Not the same with online network marketing. Here, you’ll find it easier to do. How come? 1. It’s done online, means 99% automatically for you ( presentation, follow up) 2. the market is easier to reach, because it’s online it can get member from all over the world with easier system ( it’s depending on the company too). 3. trade less time

In online network marketing, the same factors are important to be considered:

1. The company= is it strong enough? You can also consider if it has achieved several achievement.

2. Product=unique; uneasy to duplicate; better it’s online/ digital product doesn’t need shipping

3. Marketing Plan=no limit; give you monthly income; trigger the prospect to take action

4. Support system= company provides the training resources to ease your network education to grow

5. International activity

6. company growing potential

Not all of these you’ll find online for network marketing company, but at least you MUST fulfill the first 4 factors to the company you’ll join.

How to run online network marketing ? Because it’s the same with the other internet business, WE DON’T MEET PEOPLE FACE TO FACE, so how is that?

We need the basic to do internet marketing. Traffic -> see presentation -> follow up email -> sign up -> follow up email -> active -> duplication

You need to bring the people watching the presentation (will be more interesting if it’s a video presentation). Next step will be numbers game (not all the people will join you), and most of them sign up because of follow up email. The company you join should notice you when you have prospect just saw the video presentation through your link. They will sign up. You need to welcome them and teach them how to do the system and DUPLICATION, so they can do recruiting too. Then after you do this, teach your downline to do the same easy duplication system to succeed here.

In additional, it will ease you if the company you work with is providing a sensational offer that will ease you to get more leads. For example low cost trial to explore what the company offering, etc.

So join online network marketing now, success is in your hand!

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