New Years Resolution For 2009 – Start Earning Money at Home

Most people enter the New Year with great plans. They are revved up, loaded with ambition and have plenty of time to transform their lives. Some of the common resolutions for 2009 including start earning money at home are:

1. Spend more time with family

2. Start earning money at home

3. Go back to school/upgrade my skill

4. Be more helpful to others

5. Get healthy

People like to make New Years resolutions; one that they feel is achievable. However, despite the attempts to set good goals most people make bad resolutions or fail to even work on achieving them such as starting to earn money at home are more accurately don’t know how to make a good resolution they can actually achieve. By mid February majority of people will either have given up the plans of 2009 or will pretend they never made a resolution. Here are some ways to find out if you are heading down that path.

1. You made more than one resolution. Giving yourself more than one thing to focus on is always asking for trouble, especially if you have placed importance on each of them. Over-achieving often gets the best of most of us.

Since very few of us have trained our minds to be able to successfully juggle more than task, its better to choose one thing that you really want to accomplish and put your focus and efforts on that. If youve made more than resolution this year, take a moment to pick the one that is most important to you right now and move ahead with it.

2. You’ve made a resolution. Even though all resolutions have the prospect of changing your life for the better, its not always necessary to make a new years resolution simply because everyone is.

Some girls I know for example, all want to become more active this year so they decided to take a dance class together. This seems like a good idea, except one of the girls has no interest in dance whatsoever. If she sticks with it, its probably because she invested money in the class. However, I doubt it since she cannot stop complaining about it.

A resolution should mean something to you. If this girl wants to become more active, she can find other ways to do it. Consider carefully of you have made your new years resolution as a result of what everybody else is doing.

3. You made a vague resolution. A new years resolution is actually a goal such as start earning money at home. Goals have to be specific for them to be successful. Saying you want to save money is a vague resolution.

How much money do you want save this year? How do you plan on doing it? What are you willing to give up and what resources do you plan to use to help you achieve it. A goal needs to have clear steps, a deadline and a way of keeping track of your progress. You can still stick to your resolution and achieve your goal by sitting down and making it more specific if its too vague.

4. You are too hard on yourself. The only thing worse than slacking off, is taking yourself too seriously. Ridiculous deadlines, failing to acknowledge your milestones and being too competitive can result in giving up too soon. Your resolution should not stress you out. You don’t have to have a goal to start earning money at home full time in 2 weeks time. If you are feeling overwhelmed, fatigued, or even bored you may want to change your resolution to have more fun.

Creating a new years resolution is a great way to do something positive and life changing such as to start earning money at home. If you’re worried about not making it through the year however, it may be because of the reasons listed in this article.

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