Network Marketing Wealth Mastery System – An Objective Review

Why is it that some people can build organization of thousands of affiliates in their network marketing business opportunity while others struggle to sponsor even one person? The secret to their success lies in ‘Positioning’.

Once you are viewed as a leader, then people will start gravitating towards you. From being a hunter you will become the hunted. Then people will start chasing you to join your organization rather than you running after them.

Most network marketing companies give an affiliate website to promote. The problem with affiliate websites is that hundreds of thousands of other affiliates are also promoting the same website so how do you stand out as a leader in your niche? To be viewed as a leader you have to have the ‘X’ factor.

Google views affiliate websites equivalent to spamming and these do not show up in the search results. This is the main reason why affiliates are not able to drive any traffic to their website.

The starting point of projecting yourself as a leader is to have an authority website. These days everyone does a Google search before joining a network marketing company. During the search websites of leaders appear on the first page. They offer invaluable gifts for people to join their organization. This is why ordinary folks find it difficult to recruit even one person on the internet.

Owning a professional website alone is not enough. To succeed you need an integrated sales funnel with your website and an auto responder with professionally written follow up emails and videos. Lastly and most importantly you must have a branded training system to offer. Network marketing is a mentoring business and without branded training to your team you simply cannot succeed.

Most newbies either do not have the knowledge or the resources to create a system for their business. It requires deep pockets to build a branded training system.

There are several systems in the market that offer to generate leads for network marketing business. Most of the systems on offer do not position you as a leader. They normally project the creator of the system as the leader. They make use of the effort of the affiliates to promote themselves as the leader.

The second problem is that most network marketing business opportunities are not suited for promotion through the internet. Most businesses suffer from high maintenance in terms of time, effort and money. They offer extremely poor cash flow and residual income. As a result instead of putting money into the pocket they take cash out of the pocket. No one can sustain and support a business for long without cash flow.

It is cash flow that pays the bills and gives us lifestyle income. It is a comprehensive system designed to position you as a leader in the network marketing niche. It is a complete turnkey project that provides comprehensive solutions for network marketers. It provides affiliates with a perpetual sales funnel and branded training system to offer their team of affiliates.

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