My Lead Gen Secret Uncovered! The Final Verdict!

I’ve posted numerous articles on My Lead Gen Secret so far.. from an excitement to rather a disappointment! So I put the MLGS (My Lead Gen Secret) to a final test! 🙂

Here’s What I Found About My Lead Gen Secret

You’re getting 100 leads daily, and if you refer another member through your link, you’ll get 200 leads daily! This is a good thing. The leads are legit and you can work with them.. but…

Do NOT use the in-built mailing system to send the emails to these leads!

In the last test I setup a new link that leads to one of the WarriorPlus offers/products (Big Ticket Commissions). I tracked the clicks to the link and compared to the clicks that I got from the MLGS mailer. Here’s what their system reports:


According to MLGS mailer – the email was sent to 9,000 leads, there were 693 opens and 70 clicks on the URL contained in this message. Conversion rate was (so far) 0.78%. In the past you can see I’ve had more clicks and opens… that’s not important for now, but what is more important is my stats I have here:


My system (integrated to one of my blogs that runs a link shortener WordPress plugin)  – showed exactly 0 (zero) clicks on the URL! This is quite important discovery!

So no matter what your offer or product is that you’re promoting… you will not sell anything you put into the URL of the message used by MLGS mailer! It’s simply because your URL will not be clicked!

Compare: MLGS says 70 clicks, my link system says: 0 clicks!

Of course, I checked inside the WarriorPlus system if I got any clicks to the URL: no clicks! Sure, I don’t expect any sales from zero clicks 🙂

I’m sure many people would ditch the MLGS just from knowing this and called it another scam, right?!

But I’m not finished yet.. there’s a light at the end of this tunnel 🙂

Here’s How to Actually USE the MLGS

As I’ve told you before the leads seem to be legit, you can use them! But you would need to get your message before them and you would need your URL before them so they can see and click it!

Also, bear in mind, these are “cold” leads.. so you need to work with them – to make them click and convert them. I recommend using either your own mailing system that will tell you exactly who opens and clicks the links.

You can install your mailing scripts on your server, or like myself, you can use a WP plugin that sends out emails! I use WP Response PRO in a combination with Sendgrid – and it works fine!

Don’t expect to get sales and conversions right away! It will take some time, but it’s quite funny I see others getting opens and sales from using the internal MLGS mailer 🙂 No way!

What Works in MLGS

There’s one thing that works in MLGS though. And it works quite nicely. It’s the referring system or affiliate system we may say… I’ve referred quite a few people and even got my $100 bonus for it! 


So far, I’ve earned $245 by referring others.. so the monthly investment of $30 can be easily covered by promoting the My Lead Gen Secret itself! There’s a group on Facebook you can join after you sign up for My Lead Gen Secret. The link is here but please it’s for MLGS members only!

I hope this mini review of PROs and CONs of My Lead Gen Secret was helpful and you now know how to use the daily leads you get from this system, how you can mail to them and how you can use the actual system to get it going!

If there’s  anything, please post your comments below. Good luck!

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  1. Their in-house mailer does work, but hops do tend to be delayed from my experience. I have seen conversions in WarriorPlus, Jvzoo as well as Clickbank. 12 minute affiliate is a Clickbank offer that converts very well with the leads so I recommend giving that a shot.

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