Multiple Streams of Income Your Ticket to the Four Hours Work Week Holy Grail

In this article, I share a talk with one of my daughters. She is now at her mid-forties and awaking to the fact of not having a saving and investing program working for their future. A situation similar to many other people

She is a hard worker and now is doing well, but getting closer to the reality that stops working will also stop her income

Up to now, she trades working hours for money and nothing yet is set, to keep her present lifestyle, if she quits her job, which demands 9 to 10 working hours daily

Surely, you heard that if you want to get rid of the trap of trading money for working hours, staying on the left side of the Kiyosaki’s quadrant is the wrong place to be.

By the way, there is nothing wrong with a salary, for your work hours, but note that if you want to control the wealth creation process you must move to the right side of the Kiyosaki’s quadrant by being a business owner and investor.

My advice to my daughter was to structure a saving and investment plan. A plan that brings a comfortable retirement and gets back the freedom gone by just working too many hours

The saving and investment plan anchors the creation of multiple streams of income that keep pouring into the bank account no matter if you stop working

The system once set, works like a well-oiled machine, keeping the lifestyle they want for them and the family

As you can imagine, the talk went to a how to subject, and the question was Dad how can I do all it, you are telling me now? Right then, I thanked God for all the things I learn by myself or through others.

My mind went into overdrive mode, and back to my days as a stock market investor, day trader, MLM, farmer, machinery, construction manager, project director.

In addition, traveling and working in countries around the world knowing other cultures and their people besides having a personal passion for improving and being a better person.

Well, enough about me… let me continue with my daughter talk. Hope you find this info useful for you too.

Since I am fond of finding in the books all I want to know about a subject, I told my daughter to read and practice all that is in the book Multiple Streams of Income by Robert G Allen

The book is a primer for those that need to harness the wealth creation process. It covers all corners, walking the reader through many options to learn the concept of seeding money and make it grow and bless you greatly.

The book Multiple Streams of Income sets the basis for changing beliefs about money and help the reader to become a benefactor of many world’s causes that maybe you want to change for building a better world.

The reading of this book teaches you how to earn lifetime multiple income streams; you learn 10 specific ways to earn the extra income streams.

The kind of residual income that flows into your bank account 24 hours a day no matter if you are sleeping or on the beach

In addition, the beauty of this system is that you can do it:

• in a part-time basis

• working from home

• little or none of your money

• few or no employees

• simple proven system that work

Concisely, reading the book expose to the nitty greedy of the wealth creation process. Which teaches the ins and outs of the big money masters of the world.

However, I have not gone into all the strategies that the book explains in detail so that you know what and how to activate them and benefit from the multiple streams of income process 24/7 in your life

If this article, activates the wealth creation process in your life, please help others do the same giving feedback

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