Maximize Daycare Income: Blog Daycare Activities-Menus, & Mom Tips For Passive Income

When you run a daycare at home, you may think you’ve maxed out your time and effort, but – have you?

Every day you plan a daycare menu, child activities, and offer Mom’s tips for making the most of parenting time, because you have experience in those areas. Why not share your daycare experiences and have additional income?

Blog your daycare experiences, run an online forum for parents, and design a website with Tips for Mom’s and Toddlers, or After School Plans and make a bundle from your efforts with streams. Use your daily child-loved meal plans as pages on your website, or blog the craziest stunt your most recently acquired two year old attempted, and you’ve got a winning site with frequent visitor miles.

When you share your day online, other moms become part of your community and you make a buck or two from an alternative source of business. The day is good. Your active income from running a daycare may only make a few dollars a day with all the deductions, but your alternative income streams may bring you a hundred dollars or more, depending on what kind of income streams you include.

You can Maximize your Daycare Income by sharing what you do, increasing your visibility, and making a name for yourself as an expert in your field of child care.

The daily events that make you laugh with joy or cry tears of distress can bring you fame and additional income if you blog it.

When you share your expert knowledge with other daycare moms through a forum, or website, you can offer benefits and bonuses that bring them more income options. Your ideas become valuable and people begin to look for your words of wisdom.

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