Matt’s Amazon Super Links WP Plugin

I love these Amazon tools, especially WordPress plugins that helps with earning more commissions from the World’s oldest and one of the best affiliate programs!

Matthew McDonald’s latest plugin called Amazon Super Links got my attention right away as it was released today! The plugin is smooth and I didn’t encounter any issue so far.


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It allows searching through the vast Amazon marketplace using your WordPress blog, choosing the best product for you to promote and generating the special “super link” which can be inserted into your social media accounts like Facebook.

You can edit the name of the product, the description and even choose one of the images Amazon originally supplies with the products. So before you embed the link into your FB page/group or personal account – you can see exactly how it will look! Nice feature I guess.

One more thing – you can grab Amazon Super Links and use it for unlimited sites/blogs (when you decide to upgrade the front version of the plugin). It’s perfect for branding purposes, as you can always see the link you share on FB will have your domain name in the link and description.

Here’s a demo video of Amazon Super Links:

What do you think?

Earlier this month, Amazon finally announced that you can receive your commissions by direct deposit to your bank account! So after all those long years with only paper check – here we go! 🙂

I quickly set up this plugin here on my blog, entered the key from Amazon (you can get them for free of course) and found this great watch to promote:


I bought also the GOLD upgrade so that I can see how much will I earn when someone buys it… it’s great and slick tool.

Isn’t it time to boost your earnings and make Amazon send you the money to your bank account right away?!

Get Amazon Super Links now!



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