Make Money From Home Reading Books and Writing Reviews

In the past, to become a book reviewer, it took a lot of work because there were only so many places that published reviews of books. Today, with the Internet, there are many different ways you can make money by reading books and writing reviews. While you can still make money from traditional publishers purchasing your content, there are other ways to monetize your words.

Making Money Writing Book Reviews

As mentioned, in the old days the only options available were newspapers or magazines that ran reviews of books. A few people were responsible for most of the book reviews. Today, there’s a better chance you can get a gig writing book reviews for a newspaper or magazine, but you shouldn’t hold your breath. In the past this may have caused a lot of people to give up the idea of writing book reviews for money, but in the 21st century there are options.

One way to make money – slowly over time – is to read the books, write the reviews, and publish them yourself! Today, this is easier than ever before. After you write the reviews, simply include an affiliate link to the book so that you can make some money. Another possibility is running advertising on the book review site. Before you run around thinking you’re going to get rich overnight this way, sit down and think it through.

There is quite a bit of competition online – even for people reviewing books. This means it is going to be a challenge to get people to read your book reviews – even if they’re awesome. To help battle this, you should come up with something that makes your reviews unique – something that sets you apart. For some people, this means concentrating in one area. For example, only doing book reviews on World War II or only reviews on robot books.

This can help you attract a small but loyal audience of readers – who will buy your book recommendations and make you money. As mentioned, however, this is not going to happen overnight. If you put in the work, however, and write a couple reviews a week, eventually you’re going to start getting traffic. This is especially true if the reviews are really great quality.

Making money from home reading books and writing reviews isn’t easy, but it’s also not impossible these days. The important thing to remember is that you should set goals and stick to them. If you want to publish two book reviews a week (more might be a good idea) you are going to need to read the books and come up with good reviews. Doing the work is the only way you’re going to attract customers and make money in the long run.

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