Learning to Earn Money at Home

Working as a corporate executive for many years, I began to not get what I wanted from my job. I didn’t know what I was going to do. I had always earned nice money. However, the time lost to my family and friends was taking its toll. I decided I would use some vacation time to find out what I really wanted to do and why.

I soon decided to get out of the rat race of going to the office 5 days a week. I was never going back to a 9 to 5 full time job in the corporate world, traveling all over the world on sales calls. Even though I was making good money, I wanted to earn money at home and I was never looking back.

I figured, in order to earn money at home I needed to learn the world of internet marketing. I worked in the software business but was not a computer expert. No wiz by any means. Knowing the basics and just a little bit dangerous using a computer, I thought was all I needed to rule the net.

I soon discovered a whole new fascinating world. What I did not realize was there was a lot to learn in this world, but I dove right in. One of the first things that I learned was the different kinds of marketing online.

-Selling affiliate products.

-Writing articles



Affiliate programs are where you sell other peoples products and they pay you about a 50 percent commission. Promote other people’s products and make a commission, without having to create the product yourself. That sounds easy.

Article writing is one of the best ways of advertising for . You can promote your link in the article to your website/blog or product. Spread content all over the internet. The content stays on the internet forever. Your children will have a record of you. The more content , the more exposure you are getting and then you begin to go viral.

Forums are areas on the net where different interests collect and discuss. When you join these forums, you can build relationships and begin to become an expert in the field. You support each other and build trust that can be very beneficial and profitable.

Create your own blog. This becomes your personal hub or if you are selling products a central place where all your marketing flows. Feeding the social marketing areas like Twitter and Facebook automatically with your content keeps your exposure up.This exposure builds followers who want good information. Again, more traffic more people will see your offer.

Once you build a list you have the ticket. Your list of followers is your most important asset, as these are the people that you will promote to. So trust is key. This is where email comes in and your auto responder service is gold. It is said you should make $1 per subscriber per month.

Learn to Earn. It is the ticket to success. Invest in some good courses on marketing and marketing psychology. Then, put your system in place, nurture and watch it grow.

My desire to earn money at home has given me a true gift which I never expected. I love this game! It is absolutely rewarding for the time freedom I have and not to mention how profitable it has become. I am always learning to earn money at home as it changes daily.

Source by Tom Jordan

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