Klever Review by Billy Darr πŸ™„Watch Before You Spend $528 for this Autopilot Facebook App πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

My covers what you need to know before you buy. Watch this to understand the:

The true cost of
The truth behind the sales page claims
The product limitations
Other (free) alternatives worth considering

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  1. Another good honest review showing that the sales page and claims are copied. Somewhere he offer a $500 for you if you use it and not get results. You can be offered $2000 or even $5000 if that will help the vendor to sell his product as Paypal only pays back what you paid. Unless you make a personal law suit you cant force these guys to pay anything and they dont care what you think. The scam part is you get sotware that does not solve your problem and the 23 or 60 second traffic isn't worth reading the sentence itself. It gives you worthless page builders and you didn't ask for that. – L

  2. Actually, .Klever is only 39 and is a good product if you do fb marketing and maintain your pages. Pages are set up to keep your pre-audience up to date on your business activities. Groups are for socializing with customers. The total Klever cost if you want to take full advantage of messenger Automation aspect of Klever, the final cost is 77 dollars or less… Due to the downsells.great downsells by the way. The other options are all for people who want to start selling online or want coaching or a done for you product to kickstart a business. You do not have to purchase any upsell to enjoy Klever. Also, hootsuit has limits to 2 pages so if you have more you pay forever. Klever is one pay for lifetime. Klever has templates at your fingertip and save you tons of money in hours not spent searching the net. or trying to come up with ad layout idea. As for url pics, this is if you own a website or google drive you use those places to store your personal pics and link them. or you can find pics on free sites and instead of downloading them you can direct link to them. Saves on drives space. Clearly the lack of full know how makes one feel as though this is a fake shiny object. It is to those who don't know the ins and outs of Klever. lol. At least you got to see it in action. ijs

  3. Thank u soo much for the honest review, I stop buying products from JVzoo and Warrior plus because everytime I buy one of their products it doesnt work amd I never made a dime. I dont know why they even have the nerves to promote these software when they know it doesnt bring results or help people really make money. Thats horrible

  4. Do not buy his stuff! He does not give refunds! Most of his software is crap. I bought one of his products and two upsales and he did not give refunds for any of it! Why are you promoting this fraud? How do you sleep at night you are only helping him scam people.

  5. Just to test I tried his Products. All they show on their sales page are lies. I don't recommend any Product from Billy Daarr.
    Moreover, no guarantee they refund you your money. I tried requesting multiple times, no reply from them.
    Fortunately, I paid from PayPal and raised a ticket soon so I could save my money.

  6. Great review, I have one tip to add if you don't mind, basically across the board with any digital product, or basically any product sales funnel, you can cut your cost in half by first, trying to navigate away from the sales page, you will get a pop up with a reduced price to keep you from leaving, then every upsell, ALWAYS select the "No I hate money, and don't want to be a millionaire, and am a gluten for punishment who wants to do everything alone and the hard way" option, because you will get a downsell offer of the that option for cheaper… In this case, klevers #1 upsell, goes from $39 to $19. Then the rest of the options that are $39 drop to $32… And the $197 options…. Ready for it?…. Drop $130 and you only pay $67!….. You're welcome! Lol… 😁

  7. I have asked for a refund, its crape seriously waste of money.. haven't got my refund back yet. still waiting. In fact, content tool doesn't work for my niche which is a wedding photographer.. crape!

  8. Thanks 4 being honest this really makes me question these so called gurus like jono Armstrong who promote this crap and want to take my hard earn money.

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