Why Do Videos Go Viral?

When you view a video on YouTube, what are some of the aspects of a good video you look for? Maybe for some of them, it’s just something that you can’t really place, but it just seems to resonate with you. But for others there definitely recognizable aspects that can be identified.
One of the biggest qualities of viral videos is they tell stories. People love to see and hear stories. These stories can be triumphs in a person’s life or it can be how they overcame some kind of problem. It can be funny stories that make people laugh. All of these qualities will motivate people to share the videos.

Another quality that people seem to connect to is videos that teach. People use YouTube and other video sharing sites to learn about a wide variety of subjects. If you want to learn how to play guitar, hit up YouTube for some videos. How about learning a cooking technique that you’ve been struggling with? Again, YouTube is the first place people will search for this.


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When creating your own videos that teach a subject, try to find subjects that others have not covered before. Or incorporate advanced techniques that others didn’t think about. If you simply create teaching videos on the same subjects that others have, you will find it difficult for those videos to gain any traction. They probably won’t go viral.

Consider hiring a professional video firm to put together your videos. YouTube videos have gotten quite competitive so you’ll need to find ways to stand out. Professionals should be able to add components and flair to your video that won’t exist in other videos. Make sure that you view the portfolio of any company you are considering and if possible, get some references. Video creation can get quite expensive so you want to make sure you get a good video for the money.

Another thing to keep in mind is many viral videos are not about selling. It’s about communicating in such a way that touches on viewers’ emotions. It’s always better to build a community of people who enjoy your videos than it is to simply create €œbuy my stuff€ type of videos.

As for the format of the videos you create, talking head videos seem to work the best. This is especially true for storytelling. When people can see an actual person speaking and telling the story, they are more likely to connect with the story.


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