Want Your Content to Go Viral? Try Some Infographics

If you haven’t noticed, people love Infographics. If you aren’t familiar with the term, these are graphics that contain statistically-based information on just about any topic you can imagine. They convey meaning with a quick glance.

You don’t even need to be an artist to take advantage of Infographics. You can use online solutions geared towards creating Infographics. Sites such as Piktochart.com, Venngage.com can be used to create free Infographics. They have free versions as well as premium. The premium versions offer more features and graphic objects to choose from.


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If you want to know where to find the information used within the Infographics, you can actually refer to other Infographics. In many cases, at the bottom of an Infographic will contain its data source. If you have several Infographics that give you this information, you can use that to explore those sources yourself to see if they can fit into the Infographic that you want to create. One word of caution: make sure those sources are reliable. If not, this could tarnish your reputation as a provider of facts that you are unsure about.

Another way to incorporate Infographics without doing any work whatsoever is to embed them from other people’s websites. As long as the website owner offers an embed code, it is fine for you to use this. If you are unsure, contact the website owner and ask. Be sure to double check that the owner actually has the right to the Infographics. Like any other web asset, Infographics are subject to copyright laws.

Be sure to choose subjects that you feel people would be interested in, when choosing a topic for your Infographic. You don’t want to waste your time creating an Infographic that no one is going to read. If they don’t read it, they will definitely not share it. This takes away any chances of the Infographic going viral.

Once you have your Infographic created, be sure to share it in many places. Since you are the creator, you can offer your own embed code. This is a great way to get people to share your Infographic. As part of the embed code, make sure you include your website so that it will be included as back links when shared. This can help you increase traffic to your website and has the potential to increase visitors signing up for your email lists or newsletters.


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