Wait, You Don’t Have a Gmail Account?

It’s the easiest application to get started with, so why don’t you have a Gmail account yet? It’s great for business and can help you in obtaining leads. It is wickedly simple to use and has the features of a full-scale email platform. Best of all, it is free.

You can use email anywhere there is an internet connection and a browser. It’s also available on your smart device. No matter where you are, you can access your Gmail. The interface also separates out what it determines are valid emails, socially-based emails, and promotional emails. It doesn’t always get them right, but it comes pretty close. This feature saves you time when going through your email.


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You can also prioritize people that you interact with often. This feature puts those important users before others, so you get right to your important emails. This is another time saver.

People who have had trouble confirming other types of email accounts on social media have no such trouble when using Gmail accounts. It’s a trusted platform. Twitter is one social media platform that prefers Gmail accounts. You will likely have trouble with other accounts, but it’s rare to have trouble with Gmail accounts.

If you are tired of getting SPAM emails, you will be well served by creating a Gmail account. As previously mentioned, the feature that buckets promotional messages into its own space frees you up to spend time only on important emails.

Gmail and Android are both Google-based products. You may believe that means Gmail is not compatible with other devices such as Apple products. However, there are apps that work with other devices. Google wants you to use Gmail, so it is not going to try and restrict you. It’s much like reading Kindle books. There is a free Kindle reader for every type of device.

Another great feature of Gmail is that it learns based on your usage patterns. If it discovers that you don’t open emails from certain people or companies, it will eventually place those emails in your Promotional folder. This helps increase your productivity that much further.

When using Gmail for business, you may not want to send emails with the @gmail.com. Instead, you may want to use your company name. This can be done within the settings (gear icon). You will need to know your SMTP server information. If you are not familiar with this, contact your IT department or use a consultant that has done this before.


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