Viral Marketing Is a Numbers Game

The more online assets you have working for you, the greater the chance of some of them going viral. It’s time to get busy and start creating content, a lot of it. It’s important to spread the wealth to many different venues. Viral marketing truly is a numbers game.

Start out by writing for your blog. If you don’t have one, create one or use one of the free sites like or The key is to frequently post great information. Make sure it is relevant as well. If you are posting on a personal blog, you have some flexibility on what you post. But if you are posting on a niche-specific blog, make sure the content is relevant to the niche.


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How-to posts work very well and have a high chance of going viral. People love to learn new things and if you are the provider of that learning, you will increase your assets which can lead to viral sharing. Of course, in order to create how-to posts, you need to know how to do what you are posting about. This is why it’s important to choose a niche that you have some expertise or are willing to learn more about.

List posts get shared frequently as well and have the capability of going viral. However, they have become so popular that you really need to come up with some creative lists. Otherwise, it will be similar to others and won’t be shared as much. Try to focus on subjects that don’t have much coverage or look for different angles from ones that are popular.

Another way to get some exposure is to guest post for other popular blogs. Usually, these other bloggers welcome guest posts because it offers up different perspectives than the bloggers would have given on their own. Most bloggers that agree to allow guest posting will also allow the guest bloggers to post a bio including links. This can make your traffic explode.

It’s important to realize that while guest blogging is a great way to gain exposure, there is a chance that the post will go viral. This primarily benefits the hosting bloggers. However, because they let you post a bio, that will go a long way in helping you as well.

It’s a good idea to diversify the type of content you produce. Consider creating videos, podcasts, and other multimedia assets such as slideshows, etc. This simply gives you more channels and increases your exposure that much more.


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