Using Social Media to Boost Your Viral Marketing Efforts

Unless you’ve been living in seclusion for any period of time, away from any internet access, you know that social media is a big deal. It can help content go viral at any moment. It’s difficult to know exactly what triggers something to go viral but you know it when you see it. Social media is often the catalyst for this phenomenon.

This means you need to start building up a decent following on social media channels. If you have already done so, that is half the battle. It’s a delicate balance of time as social media can swallow up major chunks of time. And if it’s not being used properly, your efforts to make your content go viral may be wasted.


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It’s just as important to come up with an editorial calendar for posting content to your social media channels as it is for posting to your blog. In fact, the calendar should provision for exactly what to post and when. Anytime you post to your blog, you should have spelled out where that post is going to be shared and what message you want to say.

Consistency will help you gain followers who, in turn, will share your content. This is difficult to do without some kind of plan and an editorial calendar provides that plan. Some people will post on the calendar that they need to update Facebook with a post, etc. This is too simplistic and while it will lead to consistent posts, the content posted ends up being scattered.

It’s okay to stick with a few social media channels in the beginning. There won’t be enough time to spend on every channel that exists and new ones appear all the time. You need to make sure that you make true connections on your social media channels and don’t just connect for the purposes of promoting your services or products. People use social media to reach out to each other and don’t appreciate being constantly bombarded with sales messages.

By coming up with a game plan on how to incorporate your social media, you will expand the possibility of your content going viral. Gain new connections and nurture existing ones. When you do this, you will find that what you share will be shared readily by your network. Of course, it doesn’t hurt for you to return the favor of your followers. That is the whole idea behind sharing.


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