Using Google Apps for Marketing

More businesses are implementing Google Apps for Work as part of their document management strategy. However, many of these business owners are not aware that Google Apps can be used as part of their marketing strategy.

It’s not necessary to follow this particular strategy to the letter. But here is one example of how marketing can be integrated using Google Apps.


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Many companies like to create giveaways to potential customers. Use Google Docs to create a tips document or a newsletter. Make sure you add links and contact information within the document. After you are happy with the document, publish it as a PDF and place it on your website or blog. Also, publish it in your Google Apps account so that it is publicly available. Include either link (website or Google Apps) as part of your signature in forums.

If you already have an email following, broadcast to them that you have this PDF. Let them know if you are planning future versions (probably a good idea) and let them know how frequently you intend to do this.

If you don’t currently have an email list of followers, it could be a great time to start one. In fact, the PDF document can be an enticement in exchange for an email.

Whether you have an existing email list or not, always publish any updates (including the PDF document) to your Google+ account. You should constantly be updating this and actively following others. Build your network. Remember that Google+ content ranks well as it is part of Google.

Take the document and create a slideshow. Save this slideshow and once again share it across your social media channels, including Google+. Upload the slideshow to Publish this link to your various network channels.

As of this writing, the current version of the slideshow app does not give you the capability to turn the slideshow into a video. However, you can use a screen capture software package such as CamStudio or Jing (free) or Camtasia (paid) to make it into a video. Another option is to save the slideshow as a PowerPoint presentation and use PowerPoint to create your video. It’s likely that future versions of the slideshow app will convert directly to video. Once you have your video, upload it to YouTube and once again share across your network.

After you have created your PDF, slideshow, and video, make sure you embed them into your website. You enhance the reach of your content, and you give your visitors more options on how to consume that content.


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