Top Tips for Viral Marketing

There’s no guarantee that anything you post or share will go viral. It depends on who the audience is and what kind of mood they are in. It’s also going to depend on the size of the network they are sharing with. But there are definitely some tips that can increase the odds of it happening. Here are some of the top tips to help put those odds in your favor.

Make it Frequent


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Because you cannot know ahead of time what will go viral, put out a lot of content and do it frequently. This tip alone will increase your chances dramatically.
Make it Visual

No matter how many words you believe a picture is worth, it is certainly much more than the words themselves. People are visually stimulated. Which would you rather look at, a long, drawn out paragraph, or a graphic that tells the entire story? Chances are good that you would choose the graphic.

Make it Funny

People love to laugh. Using humor can go a long way in motivating people to share your message. You have to be careful that the humor you use is tasteful. Unless you are purposely going for some kind of controversy, try not to offend people with your humor. If you know exactly who your audience is, you can make it a little spicy if there’s a situation that calls for it.

Make it Cute

The cute and cuddly puppies, kittens, and babies always get shared. If they happen to be funny at the same time, that can score some big points in getting shared. These will never go out of style either. Be aware that there is a time and a place for these. If you are trying to sell something that has no relevance, it won’t help sales by posting.

Make it Have Impact

Strong messages that teach a lesson can be great for getting people to share. Tug at their emotions and they’ll be sending it to their friends and families. Quotes often work well with this. It’s important not to overdue this, especially if it doesn’t fit within your branding.

Make it Controversial

There are times when using controversy can bring attention to your brand. If you have the guts to withstand the negative comments you may receive in doing it, then use this when it makes sense. Unless your brand is somewhat controversial to begin with and that is the effect you are going for, it’s probably wise to use this sparingly.


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