Tips for Using Visuals in Content Marketing

When you hear the word “content,” you probably think of words. But visuals are content too, at least as it relates to content marketing. There are many different types of visuals you can use to market your brand or message, and there are different ways you can use them to gain more traction in your marketing efforts. Here are a few tips on ways to use visuals to put some extra muscle in your marketing.

Make social media images the right size for “share-ablity.” Each social media channel has its own best size for images. Offering the right size for each one will increase “shares.”


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Add a “Pin it” button to your website to encourage sharing of the visuals you take so much time to create.

Include your site name on your images. Believe it or not, this is actually a Call to Action€”you are suggesting that they go visit your site if they like what they see.

Put inspirational quotes on visuals. People love inspirational quotes on topics of interest, and these should be part of your content marketing strategies. Using places like Brainy Quotes makes this easy.

Optimize your images with your SEO keywords. Put these in the “Alternative Title” box. Search engines index images too, so that helps with people find your content.

Use infographics to break out complicated concepts or a lot of detailed information. They are easy to scan and grab readers’ attention in a way just text rarely does.

Use screenshots to make your points. You’ve heard, “Show, don’t tell?” Offering real-life examples is a great way to increase the amount of time people will spend reading your content. Back up what you are claiming with screenshots.

Include charts and graphs in your text, as well as spelling it all out in the text, which helps grab the reader’s attention, makes your material more scannable and breaks up the text€”all important details to good content marketing skills.

Add graphics to all social media, not just Instagram and Pinterest.

Include at least one image in each blog post. This not only breaks up text and makes it easier to scan, but it also has been proven that text with images included engages people longer.

Embedding videos in your content is a great way to engage your reader. Adding a YouTube or Vizmo channel to your social media strategy is a smart way to repurpose content to use in multiple ways to reach a larger audience.

Create PowerPoint slides and make them into Slideshares. This is another smart repurposing content strategy, and it also encourages sharing, since others can embed your Slideshares into their content, leading their audience to your site.


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