The 5 Biggest Mistakes of New Content Marketers

Before you rush into the new way of marketing in today’s digital marketplace, it’s wise to consider some of the biggest mistakes new content marketers make.

Ignore SEO
Content creation is time consuming. So why waste your time if no one is likely to find well-written, quality content? Doing a bit of keyword research before writing content, or better yet, while planning out a content strategy, makes it easier for people to find your material, which is the first step necessary to get them to like and trust you enough to start taking action on your site (like buying stuff). A couple of great free tools for locating good keywords to include in your content are the Google Keyword Planner and SEO Books.


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Believe only in SEO
On the flipside of that coin, other newbies stuff their content with so many keywords that it’s basically unreadable. Keep in mind who you are writing for. Yes, you want Google to index your awesome content so that the right people find it, but you also have to write so that human beings are the ones who will move into your sales funnel once you help them solve their problems. A nice, easy blend of SEO keywords is the goal.

Avoid strategic planning
It’s not always fun to plan a strategy. It’s exciting to start hashing out content for your readers to lap up. Until they don’t. You need to have a plan of where you are going–what your business goals are and why you are creating this content before you start putting it out there. Without a strategy, it will be difficult to build brand loyalty and lead people through your sales funnel.

Plan too much strategy
On the other hand, sometimes it feels safer to stay in planning mode rather than put your content out there. What if people don’t like it? What if it flops? We get it! Everyone has those concerns. However, if you plan too much and strategize too long, you will lose the chance to start and grow your business. While you are planning, your target audience will find someone else who provides what they are searching for.

Neglect testing and tracking
Not all of your content is going to go viral. Some of it is going to miss the mark. It’s vital to your marketing efforts to know what’s working and what isn’t so that you can create more of what is and adjust what isn’t. Continuing to create content without having any idea if it is even what people want is a total waste of your valuable time. Using simple, free tools like EpicBeat and will help you develop content that turn fans into customers.


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