The 4 Types of Content Marketing Everyone Should Use

Not all content is created equally. It should all be quality–well written and on topics that are of high interest to your target market. But there are different types of content marketing that are important for any brand who is trying to grow or maintain their marketplace standings.

Before we look at each one of these individually, it’s good to remember that although we are breaking these down into categories, it’s often the case that they flow into one another. An appeal piece, for example, will often include rapport angles to it also. Sometimes you may mix three types together, depending on your purpose for writing the content. This is all a good thing–there’s no need to try to be a purist. The overarching goal is to get them into to like and trust you so they will take actions you recommend later.


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Appeal content helps you reach new audiences to bring traffic to your site. To create this type of content, you want to write on hot topics in a popular format. You can accomplish this by providing:

List posts “listicles”
Free downloads
Reader surveys

Influence content gets those new audiences to see you as an expert in your niche. Use these to build your influence content:

Show them you are an expert, don’t tell them. (Telling them is old-school “interruption” marketing that no longer works.)
Give them answers to their questions and solutions to their problems so that they can be successful. (They will remember it was you who helped them.)

Rapport content builds a connection with those people whom you have helped and who now see you as an influencer in the niche. It builds engagement with your audience so that they not only trust you, but they like you, and they want to belong to your community. Here are some things you need to know about creating rapport content:

You will have to put yourself out there a little. State your opinions, be personable and tell stories on yourself.
You may choose to go way out there by stating an opinion and explaining why you believe that way…on a topic where you are in the minority.
You may end up with some people who don’t like you, but you will also have people who will love you enough to become your customers, not just fans.

Action content gets people to…well, take action. But it’s not quite as easy as it sounds. Keep these tips in mind when writing

This content is a combination of content marketing and copywriting.
Before you begin writing, ask yourself what action you want people to take.
Don’t hard-sell. Instead, provide quality content people need mixed with persuasive copy.


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