Resources for Improving Your Business Mindset

There are plenty of resources geared towards helping people improve their business mindsets. The ones included here are some of the top resources available. Use them to help your business become a success.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill


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This is a classic book written in 1937 and remains timeless. If you read only this book and took no other action it may be enough to set up a good business mindset. There are several updates to the original by various authors but the original is available on Amazon.

Amazon and Other Booksellers

Amazon has plenty of books available on the subject of business mindset. Check other booksellers like Barnes & Noble to get the lowest price books. If you are a Kindle Unlimited member note that at the time of this writing there were 471 books that you could borrow as part of the service. When searching for books, use other terms such as vision, plan, etc., as well as mindset.

There is a neat section on this website that is dedicated to developing a business mindset. It has study resources as well as a section for playing. The study section has flashcards as well as a test. You can find the resource here:

You will need to create an account but you can do so for free.

Udemy is a great resource for learning and has lessons on many subjects. They have an entire section on entrepreneurship. This can be found here:

You can also find resources specific to business mindset by using that phrase in Udemy’s search feature. Here is the link:

There are both free and paid training resources available on Udemy. When you sign up (free) they will send you special deals throughout the year. You can check out the free training modules. Keep in mind that some training creators put up free modules for a limited time only so jump on the modules when they become available.

TED Talks

If you have never heard of TED Talks ( it’s time to explore what it is all about. This is a resource that should never be overlooked. These are video recordings of often high-profile people giving tips or discussions on many topics. While there are no specific videos on the topic business mindset, there are plenty of talks about being an entrepreneur.


YouTube is a decent resource to learn from. Be aware that many video creators use it as a means to sell something. You may have to weed through several sales-related videos before getting to ones that actually have some substance. YouTube does try to filter the sales videos out but there are simply too many videos that get uploaded to YouTube for them to keep up. Use YouTube as a good starting point and then expand out from there. For videos specific to business mindset, use the following link:


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