Piggyback Your Viral Marketing Efforts

There is a class of people who you can piggyback off of who can help your marketing go viral. Who are these people? They are influencers.

Influencers build up their online presence with increasing followers and authority. When they post something online, you can be sure others will respond. These people can help you gain traction with your campaigns.


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You shouldn’t simply email blast hundreds of people that you believe are influential online. Instead, try to build up a relationship with them by connecting to the channels that they frequent. Offer some incredible value to them and be as helpful as you can possibly be.

When connecting with these people, consider going after the influencers that seem to be up-and-coming, rather than the well-established influencers. The up-and-coming influencers are likely to be much more receptive to working with you, assuming you have something valuable to offer.

A great way to break the ice with influencers is to write positive information about them and share it all over. Then, simply reach out with an email showing them all the places you have shared. People love it when they are profiled in a positive way. Roundup posts are a good example of this kind of technique. You profile several influencers showing off what they have accomplished, and then contact each one with the location of the post. This can lead to surges in traffic to those post, so consider including them on your website or blog.

Another benefit when following influencers is you will pick up tricks and techniques that can help with your marketing. You can incorporate their successful techniques into your own work. When they get to know you, they will often lend a helping hand with your efforts.

It should come as no surprise if you don’t get responses from some of the influencers. These are busy people and they either haven’t gotten around to your inquiries or they simply don’t have the time to address all of the ones they get. There are plenty of influencers to work with. It’s best to simply move onto the next. And there are new ones that are growing on a weekly basis.

The important point to remember, is to be as helpful as possible to the influencers. Helping them grow will get you noticed and they will, in turn, help you out in any way they can. It’s in their best interest to find people that can keep their influence active and growing.


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