Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before you Start Writing Content

Before you start dashing out content, it’s important to know the answers to some questions. Knowing these answers will save time in the long run because your content is much more likely to hit its target€”you will provide what they want, when they want it. Oh, and you’ll also know who the heck “they€ are! Get in the habit of answering these questions each time you sit down to write the content that you will market.

Who am I creating for? This might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how few business owners actually think this through. You may have people in multiple stages of whatever process or idea you’re discussing. For example, if this content is going to explain to a newbie how to choose the right purple widget for their purpose, you will want to keep concepts and language simple and straightforward so they understand.


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What is the purpose of the content? Again, some people never think this through. But asking yourself the purpose of your content before you write it will help you meet a specific goal to reach your target audience. If the content meant to inform? Educate? Build connections? Or how about entertain? Some content will do a combination of things, which is good too. Understanding your purpose will also help you determine what types of evidence and examples you will need to include, as well as what your Call to Action should be.

Why will the audience care? Is this a pain point or problem that people care about fixing? Is it a trending topic that people are seeking out information about? If you can’t come up with an answer to this, it’s best not to create it.

What’s my unique slant on the topic? There’s nothing new under the sun. You have to find your particular slant that will make the reader want to read yet another post on purple widgets. Look for ways to make the topic your own.

Is there research needed before I start writing? Getting your research lined up first is the smartest way to go about any type of writing. You need to backup your claims and give stellar examples, but if you write the content first, what will you do if you can’t find the research you need to support your points? Put research before writing to avoid wasting valuable time.

What should my Call to Action be? Decide on a logical choice. If you are writing to new visitors with the purpose of making a connection with them, it makes sense to suggest they sign up for your freebie(s) or follow you on social media. It doesn’t make sense for you to sell them something yet.


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