How to Grow in Business by Accepting New Challenges

Did you ever notice people at work who are always jumping on new projects? When your manager asks who wants to take a certain project, these people are the first to raise their hands. What usually happens over the long run with these people? They tend to move up the ladder much quicker.

Managers appreciate people who not only get their own work done but who are willing to accept new challenges. These people have a growth mindset. They know that they can learn new skills or connect with important people if they increase their exposure within the organization. The way to increase exposure is to be the one to accept opportunities as they arise.


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Most people will avoid these opportunities or challenges. They look at them as more work that will get in the way of their normal job functions. They believe they already have enough on their plates and taking on even more responsibility is going to make them have to work longer hours. These are the same people that often wonder why they are getting passed up for each promotion that comes along.

There are no guarantees that these extra challenges will lead to promotions. One thing is certain, however, not accepting new challenges will keep you from getting promotions. Many managers believe that people who are meant to get a promotion are those that are already performing the job they aspire to be promoted to. They started learning what the responsibilities of those jobs are and starting performing the tasks needed that are part of those jobs. When they got stuck, they asked the boss for help. Over time, the jobs they want become second nature. It’s hard to imagine anyone arguing with these people getting the promotions. And it makes it easy for managers to justify why they chose those people for promotions.

Even if you don’t get a promotion as a result of taking on new responsibilities, you will gain new insight and experiences. You will meet other people who may be able to influence a decision regarding your future. If all else fails, these people may open up doors that would otherwise not have been available. If you don’t take on those challenges, it will be less likely for you to meet them. Another benefit to all this is you will get to learn more about your company’s business when you accept new challenges. You will become the person everybody goes to for answers. This will certainly get you noticed.


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