Great Free Tools to Make Content Marketing Easier

Content marketing can seem like an overwhelming challenge. There are many parts to it, and it can take a while to produce quality, targeted content on a consistent basis. But with the use of these free tools, your content marketing efforts won’t be as big of a challenge as you might think.

Google Analytics is a plugin you should add to your site to gain insight into your most popular posts and where traffic is coming from. This little jewel keeps you in the know, right from your WordPress dashboard so you can easily see what’s working so that you can do more of it!


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Google Keyword Tool is a comprehensive way to learn what keywords people are using to search for the type of content you produce. Even though content marketing isn’t just about SEO, it’s a vital part of making sure your content gets in front of your target audience. Using this tool makes it simple to choose the right keywords to include in all of your content.

Sumome is a free plugin for your WordPress site that offers several cool tools to you, including opt-in bars and social media share buttons. It gives the user a wide latitude for font and color options so that you can match the tools you add to your website or blog.

Mailchimp is a wonderful free way to use email as part of your content marketing strategy. It offers many beautiful templates for you to choose from and makes sending out content easy to send to your fan’s inboxes. As your opt-in list grows, you won’t even need to move your service to a different provider, because Mailchimp also has paid packages so the service can grow with your business.

Alltop makes it easy to search for content ideas based on what is already available. It’s a great place to go to brainstorm ideas for what people in your niche would be interested in reading. Need help coming up with great headlines? Alltop shows you the best headlines on each topic area. That means you can learn how to write amazing headlines by seeing what works well for others in your industry.

Social Mention is a handy way to search across all social media platforms to find out what’s trending so you can plan your content topics. It also helps keep you up to date on how your social media content is performing. One way to reduce the amount of content you have to create is by curating content for your fans. Social Mention makes it easy to do this, as it shows the best, most relevant videos, posts, news, etc. just by searching a keyword.


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