Getting the Most Out of Google Apps for Work

Google Apps are relatively easy to use. However, there are always tips that you can pick up to make your experience with the software more productive. Use the following resources to help you get the most out of it.

Google Apps


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You need to create an account for Google Apps to start using the modules. If you wish to use the apps for free, you can sign up with a standard Google account. Then, to access the tools, you can use the following:

If you want more robust features, including uptime guarantees and increased storage, you may want to consider the paid options. These can be found at:

Google Training

Google Apps for Work provides some training on the packages available. Whichever tool you want to learn about, you simply select from the available icons. There is also a tips section that gives specific tips on how to use the features of the toolset.

At the time of this writing, there were no Udemy courses that were free. Therefore, if you want to explore this website for Google Apps, it will cost you some money. However, the courses tend to be high quality, and there is a rating system to give you an indication of which training modules to select. By signing up to these modules, you can also ask the instructor and the class any questions you may have.

It’s surprising how little resources (books) are available on Amazon for this topic. It’s either because authors feel Google Apps is easy enough to use, or it’s still relatively new and hasn’t caught on. That being said, there are some books available that you could use to enhance your experience.

YouTube has videos for just about any subject imaginable. The biggest problem with using YouTube for this purpose is there are many videos that are more sales-oriented than they contain instruction. But if you are willing to sift through the good from the bad, you can find decent instructional videos on the subject.

O’Reilly Safari Subscription

This does cost some money, and it is a monthly fee. However, they offer many courses including several on Google Apps for Work. If you are not comfortable committing to a month-by-month, you can cancel after taking a few of the courses offered. They offer a tiered subscription and give you a 10-day trial to see if it’s right for you.


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