If Your Businesses Needed A Sale By Tomorrow, What Would You Do?

One of the most practical, helpful exercises to many would-be entrepreneurs is to force themselves into a fight or die scenario in which they’re forced to find the first customer(s) for their product. If perhaps you’re beyond this stage, you probably still wouldn’t mind growing quicker, which necessitates you to get creative and perhaps further develop some of the same skillsets.

So, if you had to make a sale tomorrow, or had to make 10 sales tomorrow, how would you do it? Here are just a few of the ways you may (or may not) think to utilize to grab attention and conversations.


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The cold email. Cold emailing is a lost art. That might have seemed like a humorous thing to say when the technology was just emerging 20 years ago, but email marketing has been overused to the point where spam filters can barely even keep up anymore.

Today, effective cold emailing requires research and prospecting to make sure that you can tell a relevant story, and can do so to a large number of people. That said, it’s a numbers game that most people realistically just don’t want to put the effort into. If you email 100 people with a personalized outreach, you will make a sale. But that takes time, and work.

The Instagram approach. Thought Instagram was just for fitness gurus and underwear selfies? Guess again! Instagram is a hotbed for influencers because of the ease with which people can follow each other and interact. This creates a massive opportunity to find the perfect influencer in your market and give them a small sum of money in order to recommend your product in their posts. The recommendation from a known idol is worth its weight in gold, and you’d be surprised how quickly this method can pay off with a few quick sales from as little as one post on the platform.

The local face to face. There’s no better way to sell to someone that face to face. It’s why door-to-door salesman still exist, and it’s why physical stores still outsell online retailers in America (or, at least, part of the reason!). If you need to make a sale today, the best thing you can do is head to local acquaintances, businesses, and venues where you can find a relevant audience, and start talking to them. It’s harder to say no in person, and you get invaluable insight into how people react to different phrases and propositions that are lost when someone simply reads a line of copy on a website and bounces away.

Sometimes, it can help to remember what you need to do to survive, even if the need isn’t yet pressing, in order to make sure you never come up against the feeling for real.


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