Can You Improve Your Business Mindset?

Some people are naturals at business. They are great negotiators and they know how to generate business as easily as eating their breakfast. They seem to have a great business mindset.

For others, they struggle with business and it could be because they don’t have that same mindset as the superstars. Is it possible for those who struggle to improve their business mindset?


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The number of college programs and training programs teaching business methods suggest that your business mindset can be improved. But in order for it to be effective, you have to determine what needs improvement or what you need to learn.

To determine the business functions to improve upon, take a look at some past performance evaluations from your work. See what your manager or managers have identified as areas in need of improvement.

Study the people that you admire in your organization. What do they do that you aren’t doing? Try to be as objective as possible when making these determinations. You could even approach these people and let them know your plan for observing them. They may offer up some tips and ideas to help you with your goals.

Pay attention to what your peers or colleagues are suggesting for you. If they are starting their sentences with, “you may want to try…”, etc., pay attention to those suggestions. While not every colleague is going be correct in their assessments, many will have good points to make.

It also pays to search within yourself to discover what you feel are areas of your business life you would like to improve. You can start by thinking about times that you may have said to yourself, “I wish I were better at…”, etc.

Speak to your manager about setting up an interim program that helps you in making the improvements that you or others have identified. Most managers would be willing to do this as it will make you a more productive worker. It’s not necessary to wait until your performance appraisal to make changes that will improve your business mindset.

When you identify areas in your business life that need improvement, this sets up a roadmap for you to follow. It will take some work and a new focus in your daily activities. But the benefits to improving those aspects will well be worth the effort. These improvements may even lead to a promotion or higher pay. This alone will prove that you can change your business mindset for the better.


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