Can You Extend Google Apps Functionality?

Google Apps for Work is growing in popularity. As such, business owners are going to want expanded functionality. While Google is constantly adding features, it may not be doing so in an acceptable time frame. Therefore, it would be helpful for companies to have the capabilities of extending the features of these apps on their own. Google has a language known as Google App Script, which allows for customization. It is largely based on JavaScript.

If you are not a coder, you probably will need to find someone who is. Even if you understand how to code, you have to determine if you have the time to do it. If not, you may still want to seek out help from an expert.


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Microsoft Office gives users the ability to extend the functionality of its products through the use of add-ons. This is the same with Google. You create snippets of code and then incorporate into your Google Apps by publishing the add-ons. The documentation on how to do all of this can be found at:

Perhaps you don’t want to deal with coding yourself or hiring others to do it for you. If so, you may find what you are looking for in the Google App store. They have plenty of extended function add-ons available. You can find ones that are free-of-charge and others that you will have to pay for. It is usually worth it to see if something you are looking to accomplish already exists in the app store. Why reinvent the wheel?

You can even use what exists in the app store as a basis for ideas on add-ons to create yourself. Sometimes, you can draw inspiration from a description of an add-on. You can test the viability of the app by installing it. If you end up having to pay for the app, it’s good to know most are not expensive. If it saves you time, it’s probably worth the money.

Another possibility is to create apps for others and get paid for doing it. Since the popularity of Google Apps is expanding, you can use this to find people wishing to extend the functionality of the apps. You could find business owners who are looking to extend and even outsource the development to others, pocketing the difference. If you choose this course of action, make sure you find proven and dependable developers.


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