How to Turn Your Ebook Into an Ecourse in 7 Easy Steps and Make More Online Profits

Creating and selling eBooks on the Internet is a great way to start generating passive income; however, you can take that same content and turn it into a profitable eCourse and double, triple or quadruple your income!

Let’s first take a look at what an eCourse is. It is basically another form of an information product. Information products come in many forms such as DVD’s, CD’s, Special Reports, eBooks, Video tutorials, etc. An eCourse is “information” delivered to your customer in a unique way.

So let’s say you already have an eBook and your selling it on your website for $19. If your goal is to make $1000 a month in passive income from your eBook, then you would need to sell 53 copies of your eBook each and every month. However, you can take that same “content”, add more information and more benefits to it, and now you can sell your eCourse for $97, $197, $297, $497, $997 or $1997 depending on what benefits you add to it. With this higher price point, you can make $1000 online with just a few sales every month.

The key to remember is: “eCourses are just eBooks with benefits!”

I’ve been teaching online courses (eCourses) for almost a decade and the following is my blueprint for getting started turning your eBooks into eCourses.

Step 1: First, you must have a great topic that sells. In other words, if you aren’t making any sales with your eBook, then turning it into an eCourse isn’t going to work either. Make sure you have a topic that people are looking for online, that it solves a problem, and that they are willing to pay money for.

Step 2: You must have your own website to sell your eCourses from. So make sure you have a well-designed website that has an opt-in form to capture names and email addresses.

Step 3: Build Your List. You may already have an existing list for your eBook which would be great, because you can then send an email to your list when your eCourse is ready to be launched.

Step 4: Take your eBook and convert it into weekly “lessons” or “modules”. Read through your eBook and break it down into Lessons and maybe even add some “assignments” to the lessons. Save each one of these lessons as a separate word document (that you will convert to PDF later).

Step 5: Make sure you have a nice cover page for your eBook. Get a graphics design person to create a cover for your eCourse.

Step 6: Add benefits. This is key! This is why you can charge a lot more for your material. Here is what I recommend adding (choose whatever you like): eCoaching, phone coaching, bonus material, membership to a website, video tutorials, eBooks, or any other type of material that will add to the eCourse. If you offer an eCourse with video tutorials and eCoaching during the course (say a 6-week course) then you can easily charge $97 to $297 depending on your topic.

Step 7: Automate the process. You don’t want to do this manually. You want to automate the process so that when someone goes to your website and signs up for your course, then your materials is delivered weekly to their inbox. Remember, we are trying to create “passive” income streams”: Do the work once, get paid over and over. However, if you add on eCoaching or individual coaching then you will need to put some time into it, but the profits will be greater.

There you have it…7 steps to turning your eBook into a profitable eCourse and making more online profits!

Source by Michelle Kulp

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